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We can’t leave out the incredibly fun, small, somewhat affordable micro-mobility EVs, including scooters and e-skateboards. Though some are more expensive than some e-bikes, they’re more compact than an e-bike and an ideal option for the last-mile transportation to get you home from the train or bus. In some cities, you can merely rent one […]

Check Out Yamaha’s New EMF Electric Scooter

Yamaha just announced that it is launching the EMF electric scooter, their second electric scooter in collaboration with Gogoro Inc., in March of this year in Taiwan. The EC-05 launched for Taiwan in 2019 was an OEM model designed by Yamaha Motor based on the platform of a Gogoro production vehicle. In contrast, the EMF’s […]

Yamaha Confirms Electric E01 Scooter With Patent Filing

Yamaha filed for a patent for their E01 electric scooter, the same one that was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show trade show as a concept bike in 2019. The patent they filed and the trademarking of the name E01 shows that they didn’t just make it as a concept, but rather plan to bring […]