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First Look: DYU R1 Folding City e-Bike Review

We just posted our new first look video about the amazing DYU R1 folding e-bike, the first one under $1000 with a torque sensor! Nick gives you the rundown on the pros and cons of this bike.   Their website is You can order it at


Our second day at Sea Otter started with a bike ride but really it was more than that. Bosch invited us to come check out their new Smart System which offers new tech and performance features we are stoked to talk about. What’s an app? So many of you may not want an app to […]


Our first day at the 2022 Sea Otter Classic had some understandable surprises. From e-bikes to more e-bikes the E scene has gained some traction and almost anybody who’s anybody has one to sell now. And if they don’t they are about to. The biggest jaw drop moment was when Mondraker told us the price […]

FIRST RIDE: 2022 Yamaha CrossCore RC

Yamaha has completely redesigned the CrossCore commuter bike for 2022. We had a chance to ride one recently in beautiful, sunny Southern California. It features a PWSeries ST Class 3 (28 mph) motor that truly does assist you all the way to 28 mph, improved geometry, an internal battery and more.   Yamaha’s new crosscore […]

Stunning New Commuter From FLX

FLX Bike announced the newest bike in their fleet, the Babymaker II. The original, the Babymaker, was part of a massively successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a whopping 13.3M in funding raised. Nobody liked the name, but it certainly made people curious as to what it was. Unlike most e-bikes today, FLX assembles all […]


Super73 just announced a new special edition bike designed in collaboration with Saint Laurent called the Rive Droite (Right Bank). This is a bit of an homage to Yves Saint Laurent’s Rive Gauche (Left Bank), and hopefully, buyers won’t find themselves in Seine (we couldn’t help but make that pun!). This is another in a […]

Specialized Launches a New Turbo Vado, Como and Tero

Specialized brings out the next generation of e-bikes with three new on-road bikes, called the Turbo Vado, Turbo Como and Turbo Tero. They designed them to be powerful but natural, using their philosophy of “It’s you, only faster.” As with all their bikes, these feature Brose motors that were developed with Specialized specifically for Specialized.

Yeti’s first E-MTB the 160E

32 years ago Yeti was at the forefront of the mountain bike world and our sisterzine Mountain Bike Action actually helped design one of their early race bikes. Now their stepping to the front of the line in the e-mountain bike world with their new 160E. Yeti set out to make a bike that will […]