Bulls Bikes USA New 2020 Lineup

BULLS 2020

Bulls Bikes USA has officially unveiled its new 2020 product lineup. The 2020 line continues the Bulls tradition of offering a wide range of bikes in the industry with 18 new models across six different classes, headlined by the highly anticipated Alpine Hawk Evo with a Fazua drivetrain. The line includes a number of other firsts for Bulls, including the Gen4 Speed and Performance Line CX Gen4 motors from Bosch. The highlights of the line include:


This bike introduces the Fazua drivetrain system to the Bulls family. Consisting of a motor, battery and display, the Fazua drivetrain is the lightest and most compact drive system in the industry. This system combined with the Alpine Hawk’s carbon frame makes it one of the lightest and sleekest e-road bikes on the market. Riders will enjoy the flawless integration and zero resistance at all times, regardless of whether they are hitting max-assisted speeds or riding with no assistance.

• Copperhead Evo Am:

A series that includes four full-suspension bikes powered by the new Gen4 Bosch Performance Line CX, the most powerful drivetrain Bosch has to offer.

• Copperhead Evo HD:

Sharing all the features of the Evo AM, this bike is specifically designed to operate just as efficiently, while also possessing a payload of up to 330 pounds with a low step or “wave” frame-style option.

• Desert Falcon:

Similar to the CX drivetrain, the Gen4 Performance Line Speed features a compact, lightweight design that affords riders more agile handling, and its noise-optimized gearbox makes it one of the quietest drives in its class.



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