Dutch bike maker Vanmoof is the final days of a kickstarter campaign for the “Boncho” bicycle poncho designed specifically for keeping cyclists dry in the rain. It has shattered its $16,300 goal — currently at $92,000 pledged — and as a result of the success, a number of significant enhancements are being made to the product.

Boncho has a unique design that extends out over the handlebars and completely covers bikers’ legs. It also draws from tech used in pop-up tents, to collapse into a tiny package when not in use. Now, amid the overwhelming Kickstarter response, Vanmoof is adding design enhancements as the result of feedback from excited supporters — including reflective materials for increased visibility, an expanded selection of colors, and the ability to customize the Boncho with a company logo, making it a great fit for companies that want to encourage bike commuting among employees.

What do you think? Would you use one, and would it keep you dry while on your rides?

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