Bike Hacks: How To Survive With a Broken Derailleur Cable

How To Survive With a Broken Derailleur Cable

A broken derailleur cable can occur without warning, leaving you with two options: Walk home or ride back in the hardest gear. However, there is a third, more desirable, option.

Use this hack to set up your bike as a single-speed—utilizing a more rideable gear—to get home and even continue your ride without hammering your legs.

Step 1: Identify the broken cable.

Step 2: Loosen derailleur cable bolt.

Step 3: Remove the cable from housing and shifter.

Step 4: Thread remaining cable into derailleur’s cable stop.

Step 5: Manually (by hand) move derailleur to position over desired smaller cog.

Step 6: Tighten the derailleur cable bolt.

Step 7: Coil leftover cable so it does not dangle.

Step 8: Continue your ride with a single speed.



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