Bike Hacks: How To Dry Your Cycling Shoes—Fast!

Bike Hacks Dry How To Your Cycling Shoes—Fast!

Got wet cycling shoes?

Don’t put them in a dryer, which can potentially damage the shoes and/or dryer. Instead, grab some newspaper—the newspaper will absorb the moisture from the shoes—and follow these steps below. It works fast and won’t harm your shoes.

Step 1: Get a newspaper—crumple newspaper.

Step 2: Loosen your shoe’s laces/straps.

Step 3: Remove the shoe’s insole—set aside
to dry separately.

Step 4: Stuff crumpled newspaper
inside shoes.

Step 5: Wrap the shoes with newspaper.

Step 6: Place shoes in a dry spot.

Step 7 (optional): Place the shoes near a fan or in front of your refrigerator’s floor vents to speed up the drying process.