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Tom Hinz


Almost 100 years ago Heinrich Kalkhoff was riding a bicycle to deliver mail in his hometown of Cloppenburg, Germany. He often suffered flat tires, so he started dealing bike tires and other bike parts from his family home. In 1920 he started buying and selling used bikes as well. In 1923 he started producing his […]


In this time of specialization in e-bikes, they don’t come much more narrowly focused than the Easy Motion Evo Big Bud Pro. It isn’t merely an e-bike, nor simply an all-terrain e-bike. It’s not even so pedestrian a thing as an e-fat bike. The Evo Big Bud Pro has coordinated, compact hub motors in both […]

Electra Townie Go!

As odd as it may seem for a bicycle company called Electra to only offer two models of bikes that are actually electric assist, that is the case for this popular SoCal brand that revolutionized the pedal-bike industry back in 2005 with their patented foot-forward riding position that still offers very efficient pedaling. Electra calls […]

Check Out These Electric Motorcycles

BRD What do you get when three forward-thinking motocross enthusiasts get together and start thinking about building their own dream bikes? That was the seed behind the highly evolved BRD Red Shift motocross and SuperMoto bikes. No,  they aren’t cheap, but they sure look cool with their monocoque aluminum frames with polymer-built sub-frame and 40-horsepower […]

Pedal-assisted bicycles and the Law

 Electric Bike Action casts a very wide net over the universe of electric-powered two-wheelers. We throw our collective legs over everything from bikes like the tire-smoking, electric-powered Zero motorcycle to the pedal-assist cruiser your grandmother could pedal to her weekly bridge match. While categorizing all these bikes into neat subcultures might seem like an impossible […]

Wild Machines From Stealth

Whether you call it an e-bike or an electric motorcycle, Stealth builds a serious machine, or perhaps two serious machines in one. In USA mode, Stealth claims its Bomber or Fighter is a 20-mph, 750-watts USA legal assisted bicycle. Flip the switch to competition mode and you have an electric dirt bike capable of 50-mph […]