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Karel Kramer


Neal Saiki, the founder of Zero Electric Motorcycles, is back working on his own projects at NTS Works. One of his first projects is a nine Amp/hour Mini 48V Battery that is completely rebuildable. This battery pack has 39 Samsung cells arranged in a tight grid and separated with fire resistant barriers. A unique feature […]


Haibike has announced a new line of Yamaha mid-drive-powered e-bikes named Sduro. The new line will join the line of Bosch-powered Xduro line of premium e-bikes. At this time the Yamaha-powered bikes will not be available in the U.S. Judging by the time it took Bosch to prepare for the U.S. Market, it is unlikely […]

Felt E-Bike web site is Live

Felt has its new e-bike-specific web site up and running. For 2015 the company will offer a commuter road bikes, a fat bike, a hardtail and a full suspension bike. Each uses the Bosch drive system. We recently saw all of the new models and got a ride on a few, and they feel like […]

E-Bike in Athens Greece

Costas Giannopoulos and his wife Sofia founded solebike after riding electric-assist bikes for the first time. They were impressed with the potential in their hilly city of Athens, Greece. Solebike provides guided e-bike tours in Athens to visit world heritage sights such as the Acropolis, Agora, Syntagma and Stadium. Each rental includes a wireless headset […]


The $34,000 sport bike should be available in 2015. It is said to have a range between 80 and 100 miles when ridden normally, but can go further if run at lower performance modes. The bike is designed so that you can stop for lunch, and have the battery fully charged by the time you […]

Thule E-Bike Folding Carrier

Thule EasyFold™ E-Bike Carrier Finding transporting your e-bike a challenge? The new Thule EasyFold bike carrier is no larger than a normal suitcase in the folded position, the Thule so it takes up little space when stored in the car or at home. But it has a load capacity of 122lbs, so it easily carries […]

URB-E: The world’s most compact electric vehicle?

The URB-E Commuter and URB-E GP are touted as the world’s most compact electric vehicle. The three-wheeled Commuter and the two-wheeled GP fold like a Boy Scout’s Swiss Army knife. When folded they roll behind you like wheeled luggage. The Commuter has a shelf on the back to carry a briefcase or package when it […]

Video Tour: Inside The Prodeco Tech E-Bike Factory

The folks at Prodeco Tech E-bikes sent a video of its Fort Lauderdale, Florida factory. The amount of work that Prodeco has going on every day is pretty amazing. Many of the company’s e-bikes are folding models. We are definitely looking forward to riding some of these machines.