All Fat & Charged Up: Electric power where it’s never been before

FatIMGL7021Fat bikes have seen a huge spike in interest the past few years in the mountain bike community. From rocks, sand and snow, their huge 3- and 4-inch-wide tires give riders the chance to float easily over every type of terrain where normal mountain bikes would bog down. The problem is, though, pushing those oversized wheels and tires with only human power is a tall order. That’s a lot of rubber to push.

This year we’ve seen several companies latch on to the huge traction and supple-ride benefits of the fat bikes, and add electric motors to the mix, thereby removing the main issue most riders have with fat bikes. If you’re not solely responsible for the energy to get those big wheels a turnin’, what reason do you have to not go big?


While attending the recent Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, we set out for the nearby Bootleg Canyon to partake in the Outdoor Demo, where hundreds of bikes of every variety were being test-ridden by dealers, journos and shop groms. And so it came as no surprise to find a couple of fat e-bikes running along the rough desert trails.

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