Agility Saietta Gets 105mph Top Speed With 120-Mile Range

Saietta R


Performance: 0-60mph in 3 seconds

Top Speed: 105 mph

Driving Range: City: 120 miles (193 km), including reserve of 12 miles, (20 km) Highway: 58 miles (94 km) Combined: 74 miles (120 km)
Personalised Throttle Response:enables owner’s personal preference.

Operating Cost: 60 pence for 100 miles around town (Assuming 5 pence/kWh for Economy 7 electricity)

Motor: High Torque Electric motor
Type: Advanced Axial flux Permanent Magnet DC
Peak Motor Power: 96.5 hp, (72 kW)
Peak Motor Torque: 127 Nm , (93.7 foot pounds)
Final Drive: Direct Precision Roller Chain Drive
Transmission: High Efficiency “Drive-Torque Geometry-Control” ™

Battery Type: Advanced Agility Lithium-Ion optimised for electric Vehicles
Battery Pack Capacity: 9.64 kWh (nominal), 11.0 kWh (max)
Battery Life: 1,000 cycles to 80% capacity (100% DOD) 2000 hours, 80,000 miles.
On-Board Charger: 1.5kW (3kW with *Fast Charge Pack) high-power on-board digitally controlled charger and energy storage management system.