Two Wheel Poineer Preston Petty

Petty sideways
Sideways at 72. We should all be so lucky.

By: Zap

At 72 years old, with nothing more than a bright moon high in the sky to light his way, it would seem that the last thing Preston Petty should be doing is fast accelerating across a deserted construction yard aboard his custom electric race bike. But then, to know Preston Petty, it would actually make a lot of sense.

To be frank, I had never met the man prior to this late-night meeting; however, as a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, the legend of Preston Petty was one that loomed as large in my mind as any comic book superhero. Simply put, in the pantheon of American off-road motorcycling icons, Preston stands among a dozen or so others whose names are spoken with the utmost reverence and regard.

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