A Dual-Chamber Tire System Could Eliminate A Major Headache

A dual-chamber system developed jointly by Schwalbe and Syntace, is claimed to make it possible to ride with very low air pressures and, as a result, improve tire performance enormously. Initially, Schwalbe and the wheel manufacturer Syntace were working on such a system independently of each other. Now, the two companies have joined forces to further develop the dual chamber system.

With low air pressure, off-road tire performance improves signaificantly. The tires can adapt better to the terrain and react far more sensitively. They roll more easily over uneven ground and provide more grip and control. “But one can hardly risk riding on standard MTB tires with less than 1.5 bar (20psi), because the risk of snake bites is simply too great”, explains Markus Hachmeyer, Senior Product Manager. With the current trend towards wide wheel rims, the trail performance of the tires at low air pressure is improved and has become less “spongy.” The risk of snake bites, however, remains the same.


The solution is an innovative dual-chamber system. There is an additional air chamber inside the tire. This inner chamber is filled with high air pressure and effectively prevents the tire hitting the edge of the rim. At the same time, the inner system also secures the tire on the rim and prevents the dreaded “burping”, a loss of air of the tubeless system in the case of low pressure. Depending on the situation, the air pressure in the outer chamber can now be reduced to 1 bar (14psi) without running any risk.

In order to exploit the advantages of the low tire pressure without risking a puncture, Schwalbe and Syntace were working on the same idea independently of each other and had also applied for patents. Now, the two companies are pooling their know-how to develop the system to market maturity. “At the latest at the Eurobike, we will be able to present precise information regarding design and prices” says Markus Hachmeyer. Schwalbe will be responsible for the production and marketing of the system that is expected to be compatible with conventional tyres and rims and weigh less than 7 ounces.

Toby Henderson, of Box Components, came up with a similar concept over 10 years ago that is currently used for off-road motorcycles (Click here to check it out). It was dubbed the Tubliss and Toby’s system used a high-impact plastic inner chamber that made mounting and dismounting tires a real chore. Changing the inner chamber to an inflatable chamber could solve this problem.

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