A Bike Shed That Doubles As A Gas Station

Like a big leaf that comes out from the ground, Lotus gives life to an intriguing urban design shelter, endowed with seats and integrated photovoltaic panels, perfect for green parks and parking areas. A unique tubolar element of 14cm in diameter and 260cm in height, radially arranged, generates the modular strong and elegant backbone, able to cover from the rain, to light the ambient and to produce energy: from the small leaf of 4Mq for a 500W production to the big leaf of 19Mq for 2.8KW.

lotus gallery-03
A smaller version would be great for charging one or more of your bikes.
lotus gallery-01
A station at a school or business would make e-bike commuting a lot more attractive to riders who have yet tried.
lotus gallery-08
One day, every parking lot will look like this.