A Bike For You by Steve Domahidy Illustrated by Rob Snow

Portland, Oregon-based author Steve Domahidy has written a childrens’ book about bikes. It’s called “A Bike For You”, and it’s about bicycles and the animals who ride them. It’s beautifully illustrated by Rob Snow.

Who doesn’t love a book that encourages kids to want to ride bicycles? We’re definitely in favor.

The book is planned to be self-published if the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is successful. Early bird investors can get the hardcover book for as little as $13, and there are other incentives for buying 3 books, getting it with a framed illustration from the book, 10- and 20-book sets with a nice looking POP display for bike shops, even a one-of-a-kind illustration (with book) by the author, where you can specify what Snow illustrates (e.g. your dog immortalized riding your favorite mountain bike, or your spirit animal riding a unicycle).

People who want to help make this project a reality have until October 30, 2017 to pledge. As with other kickstarters, if this doesn’t reach its goal pledge, no money changes hands. If it funds, you will then be charged. A great way to fund projects, and we like this one. Check it out here.

A Bike For You by Steve Domahidy