8 Products That You Should Own

Don't ride without them


Smith Squad Chromapop goggles: The Squad goggles feature a semi-frameless design that allows for plenty of ventilation. The special Chomapop lenses are designed to bring up contrast and allow you to see the trail better. When riding in “full Euro enduro” mode, these are my go-to.

Shimano XT Trail pedals: These are our go-to when it comes to trail pedals. Simply put, Shimano got it right when they designed the SPD system, and they sweetened the pot when they built the Trail version of the XT pedals over five years ago. They are beat up and well worn but still going strong.

Revolution Suspension grips: These are among the most comfortable grips we have ever used, but they also saved us from a stint off the bike thanks to their unique suspension design. No, these grips don’t move like a throttle on a motorcycle, but they do have a slight amount of movement that’s damped and keep your hands isolated from vibrations.

Renthal Fatbar Light and Apex stem: There are certain components that simply feel “right” when they’re installed on a bike. Most of the test bikes see a few rides on the stock cockpit, but then are swapped for the comfortable and reliable Renthal setup. The bars are lightweight and stiff and are trimmed to just the right width for for our bike setup at 780 millimeters.

Fabric Sixteen tool: If there is one item we never hit the trails without, it’s my trusty multi-tool. We have a few multi-tools we collected over the years, but our favorite of the bunch is the Sixteen tool from Fabric. This small and compact tool offers everything you need-—from an 8-millimeter Allen wrench for tightening up pedals to a chain breaker in case things go sideways during a trail ride. We can’t count how many times we used the T25 wrench to adjust our brake levers mid-ride, and the 5-millimeter Allen has seen its fair share of use too. If you spot us on the trail and are in need of a tool, this is likely the one we’ll let you borrow but definitely not keep.

Troy Lee Designs A2: It’s no secret that our staff and test riders love products from Troy Lee Designs, not only because of their killer looks, but also due to the fact that their gear works really well for us. After years of wearing Troy Lee’s A1 helmet, we are stoked to get our hands on the new A2, a lightweight trail helmet that features TLD’s signature look, better breathability and safety features, such as MIPS. The A2 fits my head really well and provides us with ample airflow during hot days and protection we can trust. For those reasons, we tend to always grab our A2 when heading out on a ride.

Bontrager Rapid Pack: The Rapid Pack was a game-changer for water storage and riding essentials for us. There is enough storage for plus-size tubes, snacks, a C02 cartridge, multi-tool, and water bottle, all while sitting comfortably on our lower back.

Wolftooth ReMote: The guys over at Wolftooth have been developing some seriously awesome components. Their DropStop chainrings are a go-to for us. We are impressed with the smooth action and burlier design of the ReMote along with the comfortable ergonomics. For $65 this is an upgrade we would make anyday.


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