6000 Feet On The Canyon Spectral:ON 900Wh

We took on a 1870m (6000 ft) climb and descent with Firenze free ride on their Monte Falco tour organised by Jacopo Spadolini from Pro Bike Florence. It’s one of Tuscany’s tallest mountains and it has some awesome trails on it.


For the stat people out there it was about 20 miles of riding and 6000 feet of descending. We only used 75% of the Canyon Spectral ON’s massive 900 Wh battery, again struggling to exhaust it. This experience cements the fact that this bike is untouchable when it comes to it’s versatility and performance.

Check out our test coming soon of the bike, thanks to the Firenze Free Ride trail builders, for one of the best smoothest most fun trail areas we have ridden. Worth checking out if you are in Italy, Europe and want something wild to enjoy.

Firenze Free Ride