50cc Petrol Mountain Bike Vs. Haibike ALLMtn 2.0 E-Bike

50cc Petrol Mountain Bike
Haibike ALLMtn 2.0 E-Bike

By Sam Pilgrim

We push these bikes to the limits with head to head challenges to see which bike is faster and better, on MTB trails and urban freeride zones! But which bike will win? Me and Lewi Pilgrim go head to head to see which of these two bikes is faster by setting different challenges around my hometown of Colchester. I am riding the crazy 50cc petrol powered bike which costs £150 and Lewi is on the £3500 Haibike ALLMTB 2.0 electric mountain bike. We start things off with a head to head race to see who will cross the line fastest and surely petrol power will win!?

Haibike ALLMtn 2.0

We then head into the woods for a simple hill climb challenge, but does the petrol bike have enough torque? From here we switch locations to some local MTB trails that wind through the woods with a timed event. The next challenge is very unfair as I set a long-distance wheelie that is almost certainly unbeatable!

The fun we had during this filming was awesome so we decided to go to a classic filming spot in town which was the Stair set of doom!!! This is the 3 level stair set leading down into a road but the fun we have on this thing is so much that we couldn’t not film it! At the halfway point it was looking like the Haibike emtb would take the win but would the mini 50cc motocross bike storm into the lead??

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Haibike ALLMtn 2.0


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