5 Factors To Consider When Buying An Electric Bike

With gas prices rising, many people are considering alternative modes of transport to get to their destinations. Electric bikes have become quite popular lately, with many people switching. Electric bikes allow passengers to save money and provide them with a durable, quick way to get around.  

There are a variety of electric bike models on the market, so you will be able to find one that matches your preference. Consider the following factors before getting one and using it to get around.  

  • The Electric Bike’s Model

The functionality of your electric bike will depend on the bike’s model. Ensure you pick an electric bike that matches your needs and lifestyle. If you prioritize comfort, you can look at models with comfortable seating. Several hybrid electric bikes on the market like the electric road bike, have comfortable seating and high handlebars.  

Some models also have added features like anti-theft and spaces to put your luggage. If you are unsure which model to get, you can always talk to a salesperson. Telling them your needs will help them direct you to the best model for you.

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  • Ensure That The Bike Has Gears

Some customers prioritize speed when deciding on which electric bike to get. Electric bikes come equipped with a derailleur system that allows riders to switch the bike’s gears to cater to these customers. This means there is less strain on the rider’s legs as they move around. The gear system makes it easy to navigate the city as it gives you complete control over speed.  

If this appeals to you, browse models with gear systems that suit your preference and lifestyle. There are also many safety options built into the bike to prevent accidents. 

  • The Position Of The Bike’s Motor

The most important part of an electric bike is its motor. Earlier models of electric bikes used to have the motor fixed close to the front wheel. However, as manufacturers prioritized performance, they switched to a pedal-cased motor system. With the advancement of technology, some new models even come equipped with built-in sensors that can measure the bike’s speed, pressure, and rotation. 

When deciding on a model, see whether the position of the motor will hinder your travel at all. Some bikes even have motors of different sizes, with some going a step further with customized electronic bikes with cool motors. 

  • The Quality Of The Battery

An electronic bike is powered by a battery that you can easily charge at most power outlets. It’s important to make sure that your electronic bike model has a high-quality battery that won’t constantly drain quickly. If you are using your electric bike for long commutes, make sure you consistently charge the battery so that you don’t get stranded. 

When choosing your model, look at the battery’s range, as this will determine how long it can run before it needs a recharge. Electronic bikes come with three types of batteries, namely: 

  • Nickel-cadmium batteries are very light and come with their issues, especially when it comes to memory.  
  • Lead-based batteries are the most affordable option and are very heavy. They also react strongly to different weather conditions, which could require more hands-on maintenance experience.   
  • Lithium batteries are very consistent when providing power, but they are more expensive, so only consider these if they match your budget. 


  • The Weight Of The Electric Bike

If you plan to use your bike within the city or around your neighborhood then consider getting a lighter model. This is also for your convenience in case your bike dies and you have to cart it around on the bus or put it in the boot of a taxi. You will be able to carry it around fairly easily without any strain. 

Also consider your own weight as well when picking an electric bike, choose a model that will be able to support your weight comfortably without it falling over. If you are still unsure about which model to purchase. It would be best to consult a salesperson. Be sure to let them know how you plan to use your bike and they will suggest the best model for your needs.

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Electronic bikes are the future and they give so many people an alternative means of transport. That said, you can use them to skip traffic and arrive at all your appointments on time. All the more reason for you to pick the best model suitable to your lifestyle. 

Furthermore, they are a sustainable mode of transport that helps cut down your carbon footprint which benefits the environment greatly. As technology continues to develop, it’s exciting to think about the future of electronic bikes and their features in the long run.