Electric Bike Action Product Test: Fix It Sticks Mountain Kit


If you take a look into the toolbox of a top mechanic, you’re likely to find T-handle-style tools. T-handles provide a longer reach than a Y-shaped tool while retaining the ability to quickly spin bolts in or out. Their downfall, however, is their lack of mobility due to their larger size. Fix It Sticks is a firm believer in the T-handle tool, but thought it could use some redesigning for greater mobility. Offering tools designed for marksmen and cyclists, Fix It Sticks is no stranger to working on precision equipment.

We snagged the Mountain Kit from Fix It Sticks and gave it to one of our test riders who had strict instructions to use this tool for as many repairs and adjustments as possible. Here’s how the Mountain Kit from Fix It Sticks performed. 

Tech features:

The kit includes almost everything a rider will need while out on the trails and packs it all away in a convenient carrying case. Two sticks are the key items in the kit, featuring removable bits and the ability to be attached to form a T-handle shape. A plastic clip holds the two sticks together during storage and has slots for additional bits. Other attachments include two tire levers and a chain tool. The included bit sizes are 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm hex, as well as a T-25 and a Phillips screwdriver. Fix It Sticks sells the mountain kit for $56 and claims its weight is 9 ounces.  

Field test results:

The first job for our Fix It Sticks Mountain Kit was to assemble a new test bike we pulled out of the box. With our tool, we were able to align our brakes, tighten and adjust our headset, and place the cockpit control in our preferred position. One bit we needed that was missing was an 8mm hex, which we added. Having that size allowed us to install pedals on our new bike. 

Using the Fix It Sticks is quite easy, but it takes time to become proficient with them. The upper sides of the T-handle were great for bolts that need to be snug, while the lower part of the T-handle offered the best position for spinning the tool quickly. Once we played around with the tool for a while, using it became second nature. 

We found the included bag was just big enough to add extra items like a small tire-plug kit or a CO2 but not large enough to fit a tube. The Mountain Kit would be a great accessory to add to a hip pack or a hydration bag due to its wide variety of tools and attachments.


• All the tools a rider needs

• Great for trail-side or home repairs


• Bulkier than the average multi-tool

Star Rating

5 stars out of 5

Price: $56
Contact: store.fixitsticks.com


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