As with the original Vintage Electric E-Tracker, the new 2016 Tracker offers timeless design that draws inspiration from the classic board-track motorcycles of the 1900’s. The Tracker retains the same body elements as the 2015 model, but has been reworked to offer a better aesthetic experience including: pewter badges, machine finished billet aluminum, stainless steel accents, and a stain resistant treatment for the sand cast aluminum battery box.
The 2016 Trackers’s aesthetics are backed 15% greater electrical efficiency, 20% more torque, and a self-diagnostics feature for ease of maintenance. These elements work in tandem with the bikes larger battery, increased to over 700 watt hours for superior speed and performance.
To accompany the increased speed and performance, the 2016 Tracker also features larger and more powerful Shimano Alfine brakes, providing an improved and sharper braking experience to the 2015 model. www.vintageelectricbikes.com