$15,000 Santa Cruz V10 Conversion Beats The Lift Lines

No more waiting in line at the bike park chairlift. Kranked Bikes starts with popular Santa Cruz mountain bikes and converts them (mostly downhill bikes) into downhill/uphill bikes using a bit of electronic magic. Based in Redwood City, California, Kranked Bikes use Ego motors and batteries to convert the bikes to electric power. The motor is mounted to the bike’s downtube and the battery is carried on the rider’s back.

The cost of a well-equipped Santa Cruz V10 is $12,258. Add the motor, battery, drivetrain and installation, and you are looking at $15,200.

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One sick ride. The Santa Cruz V10 is an amazing downhill bike. The Kranked conversion doubles its potential.

Kranked Rides Promo from KRANKED on Vimeo.